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Building a GOOD house is all about gaining control. One of he important components to that control is air leakage. Controlling air leakage with a great air barrier strategy is imperative to success. With an effective air barrier strategy gaining me control, I can now heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, filter, and provide ventilation to the home in not only an effective manner, but from an energy efficient standpoint. Air leakage directly affects not only the energy efficiency of the home, but the comfort and air quality. Of course BIG Red shines this week as we illustrate the “Red Line Test”. We then jump on a detail I have been using for years to effectively battle air leakage at the top plate. Join us as we walk thru the site to see how we bult it, and then into the studio to discuss the decisions behind the details. Enjoy the video my friends……Long Live Our Buildings


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