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5 Tips - Building in the Southern US - Insulation, Framing, HVAC, Housewrap, & Roofing

Geographic regions demand their own building solutions, practices, products and systems. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder considers the insulation, framing, HVAC, housewrap and roofing challenges indigenous to Texas. Taking us to a Texas Traditional house that had the goals of being comfortable, efficient, durable and low maintenance. In addition, the house was built for baby boomers considering retirement so, another goal was to understand exactly what their expenses would be in the home, once they moved to a fixed income.According to Risinger one of the most important considerations is to drain the rain and get the water off of the house as quickly as possible so a Tyvek wrap was used, and all exterior joints were taped to keep air out of the walls. Risinger shows us how use of advanced framing, a variety of insulation types within the home provides an air tightness, A metal roof for both durability and longevity, placed on an air space, also yields energy efficiency. All HVAC equipment is housed within the air-conditioned space, also providing greater efficiency. The mechanical systems were provided by an Austin supplier, including two air handlers and a stand-alone dehumidifier, all enhancing efficiency and comfort.