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2x4 Floor Truss Advantages .

Join The Build Show, as Matt Risinger heads behind-the-scenes for a tour of an incredible 1,110-sqaure foot Swiss modular home on-site in Southern Switzerland. In this video, the home is being built at a factory, but it's going to be pulled apart into 5 sections. Watch as they pre-fab everything, construct on stilts, and notice some of the differences between preparation in Switzerland vs. America. Where is this house going? To an in progress job site where a full concrete foundation is being built, equipped with a basement. When this modular home arrives in pieces, it will be crafted on top of the existing work. Step inside the inside of the modular home. Witness the paneling, radiant heating, the plywood walls, the finished wiring, and already insulated walls. When it's finished, the home will be a painted home, so the team will paint a white layer on the plywood walls. Risinger takes us on a journey through, pointing out some of the unique characteristics of this Swiss modular home. Learn more about the video hosts and sponsors by clicking on some of the links included here.https://www.siga.swiss/us_en/http://www.Securockexoair.com/en.htmlhttp://www.Dorken.comhttp://www.Poly-Wall.comhttp://www.Huberwood.comhttp://www.Prosoco.comhttps://www.Rockwool.comhttp://www.EnduraProducts.comhttps://www.holzbau-bucher.ch

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