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15lb Tar Paper Failure + Gutters Save The Day

Sometimes things fail. Matt Risinger, master builder, takes us to an 11-year old house to show how much gutters protected the house and also what a waterproofing fail looks like and why he's such a stickler on waterproofing correctly.On this home, the original builder used 15 lb. tar paper for waterproofing. In this video we see the extent to which asphalt impregnated papers are not a good idea. The builder also misinstalled the Tyvek waterproofing under the window, causing the leaking to come back down into the tar paper. Wherever moisture touches the tar paper, it is causing disintegration.On the same house, there was a wall-flashing leak originating where a wall and roof intersect. Check out the result of the leak on the video…total deterioration and crumbling. The damage would have been substantially greater if gutters had not reduced the amount of splash back onto the house.