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10 Killer Details For A Modern BUILD .

Modern architecture, sleek lines, simplicity, not so hard, right? In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder gives us ten killer details, important to a modern build. 1) European window sill pans. European windows have a u-shape flange under them and Risinger describes how the water escapes. 2) Custom galvanized steel connectors to keep posts off of the cement and free from water damage and the use of an I-beam in the design that enhances the design. The beam is treated the same way with a steel connector where it connects to the house. 3) Board-formed concrete. An amazing siding look that is used on this home in selective places. 4) a stainless-steel small form factor outdoor light fixture. Low-voltage, they fit beautifully with the shingled exterior of the home. 5) A gutter system that is built into the roofing and the downspouts that go into an underground system. 6) Custom vents, another small detail that adds up. Lead-coated copper vents. 7) A utility pen on the side of the house where access can be had to all of the mechanical systems, hidden behind a cedar fence with stainless steel hardware. 8) Modern stairs with white oak tread and black accents 9) Flush vents - an inexpensive touch, but a detail that looks fantastic for the few minutes you'll spend on installation. 10) Triple-glazed German windows and doors. Triple seal, air tight, efficient, the windows allow for two methods of opening - ventilation or a real open-window effect. The sliding door has the same detail, a large door handle, u-shaped seals—great features.If you want to pull off a modern design, check out the video and see which ones make sense for your build.

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